Pamala Johnson

Broker/ Owner

I have been ON THE MOVE WITH YOU SINCE 1994 because that is when I first received my Iowa Real Estate license and began my real estate career. Later I expanded my career by becoming a Broker and then an owner of my own Iowa real estate firm, Capital Choice Realty located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Since real estate is my career, I decided to expand my business in 2013 by becoming a licensed agent in Texas. In 2017, I volunteered my real estate skills to a Branch department within my Faith which assisted congregations in seven states to sell their properties. Among my duties was the opportunity to interview local agents in those seven states. This exposure to other agents around the country has expanded my understanding of real estate rules and laws, as well as real estate habits and customs specific to their areas. Real Estate is a fascinating profession with every transaction being unique to itself, you never stop learning!

Among my other interests I have been enrolled in an ongoing Public Speaking and Teaching class since a young age. I have written and published a book, The Female Factory, which is being considered for a screenplay, and also, I am working on a sequel called The Ladies of Gordonville.

In 2013, I expanded my business to Texas, which has given me the opportunity to help my clients who wish to relocate to or from Iowa. My Iowa cell number is active and ready for your call.

If you are working with one of our Capital Choice Realty’s agents and are thinking of moving out of state, we can interview agents in the area of your future home, assisting you to find an agent that will meet your real estate needs.

If you are not only interested in buying or selling property, but would like to consider becoming a licensed agent, I am always here to assist you and train you to prepare for your real estate experience. I would welcome your call!

Thank you for taking the time to know us better!


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